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St. Clair, PA - Pennsylvanian
Fossil Seed Fern Plants

UNIQUE! (B007)

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Fossil Plate with Seed Ferns - White fronds on black shale excavated from St. Clair, Pennsylvania. (B007)
Genera: Alethopteris, Neuropteris, Pecopteris, Sphenophyllum, etc.
Llewellyn or Pottsville Formation
Pennsylvanian Period, Approximately 300-320 million years ago (according to most geologists).

These beautiful seed fern slabs came from the famous St. Clair, Pennsylvania fossil site. Specimens from this site are unique in the world in that the fern compressions are white to yellowish orange color instead of the black or brown of fern fossils from other sites.
The slabs may show different fern genera: Alethopteris, Neuropteris, Pecopteris, and Sphenophyllum, etc. They are of Pennsylvanian age, far older than the oldest dinosaurs! The plants are of the type that compresses into coal, which is mined nearby. The fossil are impressions, the white color is entirely natural and unique to this site. The site has been reclaimed, so few opportunities remain to acquire nice specimens like these from this renowned locality. Notice most slabs have nice ferns on the reverse, "down" sides as well.

Believe it or not,
the white colors are natural! It is this exceptional state of preservation that gives the St. Clair, Pennsylvania fossil ferns their great uniqueness. Nowhere else on Earth can ferns be found that have this flawless contrast! It's hard to comprehend 100 years, but these carboniferous ferns are said to have died around 320 million years ago!

These natural wonders fell into a bog where a low temperature, low pressure, oxygen depleted environment evolved the plant tissue into Pyrite.
Pyrophyllite (Aluminum Silicate) replaced the Pyrite at an ensuing stage, creating the bold, white color. Any orange color was caused naturally by the presence of iron ore. Dozens of plant species are found in these shale rocks, so look closely. Common species include Alethopteris, Neuropteris, Pecopteris, and Sphenophyllum. Seed ferns went completely extinct around the time dinosaurs were still around!

Nothing has been done to these fossils such as paint to touch them up. Nature and time are the artists. Most collectors say these fossils can be lightly covered with a protective spray to sustain the vivid white fronds, as they rub off very easily if left untreated. DO NOT WASH!

A Common Question I have been asked before,
"Are there more ferns inside?" Completely At Your Risk! Suggestion: some slabs or pieces can be split again, to reveal more ferns. The tool? An old solid, one-piece butter knife works well...and a gentle tap or two with small the right way...follow the split, and repeat.

There is no reserve.
Shipping & Handling is $5.00-12.00 for each piece and I will be glad to combine wins to save you cost. To quote EXACT Shipping & Handling charge by Priority Mail for pieces over 1# requires your destination Zip Code and Zone Number to quote exact Shipping & Handling charge by Priority Mail. The origin shipping Zip Code is 33526. I have listed the weight for this piece as: 2# - GOOD LUCK!

How, When, Why, Where?
I was an invited guest of Bill H. (a "Pennsylvanian" resident!) escorted into this area to collect twice. We collected about 20 years ago with his daughter Sarah she was 7 y.o. I think & it was her first time "fossilizing". Then later during the land reclamation years of the area along again with Sarah & with my new friend Patti. Hammers, chisels, pry bars, and lots of coal dust blackened hands and faces were had by all. (smile)
Years later after a visit to Florida from Bill, (but still before my trip with Patti) I laid out some specimens of Billy's [he left them for me to see if I could sell] on the sidewalk of the USF campus after a meeting of the Tampa Bay Fossil Club. I sold every single slab large & small in 20 minutes. Cash, check, TBFC members borrowing from each other, etc. I even had the campus security check to see if there was a drug dealer or something!
I had my personal check combining all his funds (several hundred dollars) in the mail to him, which arrived in time for his wife to get out of their mailbox when they arrived home from the trip. She bought needed furniture. I am telling you this because I am going to try to sell another batch of his ferns he left here several years ago (November 1998) and I never did anything with them because of personal health (1995), and not going to the TBFC meetings (after 1996).
Now, I will surprise him by auctioning them all (hopefully) and ALL the profit will be sent to him. When I first met him & his wife they had no children. They made frequent trips into the phosphate mines in Aurora, NC to the Lee Creek Formation for shark's teeth. On his first visit with me (they camped out on the floor in sleeping bags) I took them into the Bone Valley Formation for our beautiful colored Florida Megalodon teeth. The two children came later, and so on, so any money I send them will undoubtedly be used towards Seth & Sarah's education expenses.

(I have some slabs too, and will, if I do decide to part with them, list them smallest to largest. They are generally in 6-12" size with a few being 2X3' and 1X3'.)

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