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Pinfire Berloque, Mother Of Pearl Grips,

It's been fun finding and collecting these "toys".
I am selling/auctioning my collection.

I have: Japan, German, Austrian - Berloques; USA, 1930's Dosick & Fisher Firesure (Mother of Pearl Grips, RARE "PAT.PEND.J.M.F.CO"); German "Kobold", "D.R.G.M." (RARE, Under-Hammer, w/ Bakelite Grips), Xythos Six-shot, Xythos Single-shot, 2mm pinfires, in Nickel & Gold Plated, Keychain, &
a JAPAN, 1950's "Little Atom" (Gold-Plated, MOP Grips, MOP Brass Pushrod & Square Pearl "BUTTON"?),
in a
Fitted, Cased Set (Crushed Blue Velvet, Fine Inlaid Wood).
[I will be selling my miniature pistols & cap guns, cap bombs, cap canes, "other", etc. too.]

I use a SONY Mavica (great close-ups!) to picture the items in 640x480 resolution, as I still get compliments on the "accuracy". I still have the original pictures of most I found in auctions though. Maybe you old timers will recognize the "one that got away". Follow my links below, or feel free to ask me for any additional pictures.

I learned much about my items found in (eBay) auctions, estate sales, flea markets and garage sales; from immensely helpful web sites by Derek F. Dredge, Bob Urso, et al; from valuable reference books used for identification. I recommend them and these three books, which I will keep to remember my "treasures".

#1 - "Miniature Arms" by Merrill Lindsay 1979

#2 & #3 - "Editions 1 and 2 of "The Tiniest Guns", Miniature and Berloque Pistols - by Bob Urso
The first edition of "The Tiniest Guns" was put together with the help of many collectors to fill a need for information on 2mm pinfire, rimfire and Berloque pistols. It was only 64 pages."

"The new, revised Second Edition doubled in size to 128 pages, and over 500 images. All of the chapters have been expanded, and there is much new information on the guns of Austria, Austrian Rifles, Austrian Revolvers, Austrian Automatics, France & Belgium Revolvers, Germany, German Revolvers, German Rifles, Japan, Japanese Rifles, Mexico, U.S.A., Unmarked, Customized & One of a Kind, Cases, Ammunition, Patents, Bibliography, Miniature Arms Collectors/Makers Society, Index."

~ "FYI" ~

I bought this on August 12, 2003 from a California seller. Patricia's description is as follows, verbatim:

This listing is for a vintage miniature mother-of-pearl handled pin fire cap pistol that comes in its own little wooden box. It has a mother-of-pearl handled ram rod and a mother-of-pearl shell shells. On the top of the little wooden box is an inlay of a bird. Box measures 2-3/4" x 1-7/8". Pistol is marked Japan on one side. A unique little piece and all in excellent condition."

This exact model was not in either of
Bob Urso's two books, which I had already purchased in February 2003. I also tried to identify this pinfire on Derek F. Dredge's site. As the pistol did not appear there under "Japan" or as a "Cased Set", I e-mailed Mr. Dredge about it. The seller thought the button was a "shell shells", Derek did not say what it was for, and the four holes although rather large are not 2mm in size capable of holding ammo.

The closest pinfire I could find in Bob's book is a "
J3c - Little Atom Square Butt OAL 1-3/4, gold plated brass, mother-of-pearl grips."
From The Tiniest Guns, A catalog for collectors of 2mm pinfire and rimfire miniatures, By Bob Urso, Second Edition With Twice As Much Information. (December 2002.)

I am assuming like a
J3a that a J3c is vented out the bottom. Page 52 in his book shows, "Several different counter displays..." The Little Atom for $2.95 is interesting in that although it shows MOP grips and a drilled hammer spur, the advertisement is definitely showing explosive cap gases being vented out the bottom. From this I can not determine the OAL either.

The Auction ~

It is not being offered to, nor intended to be sold to minors.

Someone truly loved his or her "
LITTLE ATOM" pistol as a gem piece of JEWELRY. Just look at the construction of the box: from the simple little flying bird inlay to the intricate mitering on the fine grain wood corners, the tea colored wood staining, steel slotted screws, brass locking latch pin and piano-hinge hardware. I am assuming the age of this precious box to be 40-50+ years old. The wooden box has a firm, form fitted royal blue velvet interior to hold three pieces in place. There are no rips, tears or deterioration of the material. The pinfire gun lies with its left side marked "JAPAN" down and the right side with a mirror-like highly polished gold-plated side facing up. The handles on both sides are covered with choice, multicolored or hued, dazzling, and white mother-of-pearl grips. It is by all appearances in UN-fired, condition probably cased when brand new. I had a "Mighty Mite" as my first pinfire with the dimple hold closure system like this one has, it is tight like just bought, has not been excessively hinged open and closed by me, nor dry fired against the barrel. It is in crisp clean shape as mint as you will ever find.

This "
LITTLE ATOM" pistol has the most desirable

Over All Length is 1-9/16"
with a more Compact Barrel Length of 5/8".

It does
not have a top vented, bottom vented,
or both sides vented barrel,
as the 1-3/4" long models and even
later genre have.

1-1/8" Brass Ramrod has a gorgeous white mother-of-pearl knob that reflects light from two opposing hemispheres. The Handmade 1/2" Square Button a bit out of square actually, is made of black mother-of-pearl and is an added Mystery. Since the hammer has a hole drilled in it, maybe the owner intended to tie a silk cord from the little derringer to the Button? Then the Button could be sewn to clothing or put through an existing buttonhole. Like I said, it is a Mystery to me.

There are six 400 x 300 pictures posted here on eBay and 13 larger 640 x 480 ones hosted on the link below. Please e-mail me with pertinent questions. Thank you if you have read my description thus far, it is my opinion that this is a
RARE find especially in this cased condition, desirable, needing to be in your collection or next book. The gun may be a mass-produced early example, or RARE. The box in this cased set may be a homemade one-off, unique RARE example either designed for, or made into what you see here. I wish I knew more about the pinfire, when, where or who did create the box, ramrod and button but I do not. Had I made them I would have signed, or, initialed and dated the UN-marked box. I have not ever seen one before or since 2003. I will say that quite honestly, I do not want to sell it. But the reserve price is fair and here is your chance to make it yours.

"Happy Holidays!"

Shipping & Handling $5.00 in Priority Mail box.
Insurance is extra.

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