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Vatican City Coin Set - Pope John Paul II, Pius XII, Paul VI and Souvenir Folder of Pope John Paul II with Photo & Coin

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Five Coin Mint Set marked with Vatican Logo, MONETE VATICANE, VATICAN COINS, consist of:
Large (30mm) central coin, Date (?), (Obverse) JOANNES PAVLVS II, PONT. MAX., (Reverse) MAD. DI CZESTOCHOWA

Blue Vinyl Folder with Vatican Logo on front, 3"X2" (closed), 3"X4.5" (open) with color photo inside on left, on right, flip-out holder with large (35mm) coin, Date (?), (Obverse) IOANNES PAULUS II PONTIFEX MAXIMUS, (Reverse) O.L. CZESTOCHOWA ORA PRO NOBIS
(It has the original sticker on inside right of folder, "L. 3.000 IVA INCLUSA")

Please look at the additional and full-sized pictures for better detail. Thank you.

I have been a World and U.S. coin hobbyist collector for 40+ years and don't know when or where I obtained these two items. I have many coins from Europe & Italy for example, but thought I should offer them to someone out there that would give them a more "devoted" home, therefore the low no reserve starting price. As I type this (6:40 PM) ABC news is giving an update on the Pope going home, his condition, the prayers of his followers, his voice, etc. Good luck. God Bless.

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