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I took 18 more pictures of the 1954 Mint Set.

I am not the best photographer using my SONY Mavica with 640X480 resolution, but this should give you more appreciation of the GEM Quality of these coins even after 50 years being sealed and stored. NOTE: The individual coin envelopes the U.S. Mint used in 1954 are not the clear cellophane type used earlier, but the more opaque, polyethylene (?) bag they used last; so it effects the picture view of the coins. Some coin coloration is really photo reflection, some tint is into the bags absorbed by chemical reaction with the metal; also why there is often tone to the coins. What looks like a "dent" in the obverse of the Franklin is only in the bag. Click on the thumbnail collage pic below, or the link above and you can see the new 600KB size collage pic I added. Then if you wish you could click on the NEW collage pic and it should take you to the 3-MB size LARGE picture. Thanks again! Good LUCK!